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For most of my childhood, I knew I wanted to make art when I grew up. I didn't know about being an artist, I just knew I liked to draw and paint and imagine and create. I thought it'd be something great to do as an adult, too. In the third grade, our art teacher taught us how to carve linoleum to make relief prints. We were given a single 2"x2" piece of linoleum to carve however we saw fit. You had one shot, though. No do-overs or extra pieces were allowed. It took me all of that class and the entire week in- between to come up with my idea. I didn't want to waste my precious linoleum!!! I decided to make a stamp; A special stamp that I could mark all of my artwork with – like my own unique signature. I carefully planned out a logo comprised of a painter's palette with a brush and sketched the word ARTMARK underneath. I vividly remember how careful I was with my carving. Small pieces removed at a time. It took me extra classes to finish that piece! When I was done, I couldn't have been prouder. I swore I would mark all of my artwork forever with this stamp… and for the remainder of the school year, I did (special thanks to my art teacher for humoring me!) After the stamp went home for the summer, its impression did pop up on the back of my drawings from time to time through the years. It even made the trip to college with me.

Now as an adult, I am still making drawings and paintings and I still love to imagine and create. I act, I sing, I play …and I've added a love of clay working to my repertoire, too. Add to this my passion for teaching and you have the perfect circumstances for opening my own studio. In opening ArtMark, I have realized a life-long dream of sharing my enthusiasm with all who enter. My dream of helping people evoke their imagination, release their creative inhibitions, develop their skill, craft their masterpiece, enhance their environment, or just enjoy themselves, and to generally make life beautiful.

Welcome to ArtMark Studio. Creativity lives here!

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